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Like you, we understand how difficult buying the right pet food can be. With so many options available, choosing the food that’s right for your pet can be difficult without reassurance.



Here at Pet Food Expert we make comparing pet foods as easy as possible, helping you to understand more about nutritional values, ingredients, allergens, cost and even the social responsibility of the manufacturer. We combine these findings into clear results so that you can make up your own mind.


Expert Testing

Our expert nutritionists gather information from product packaging and supplier websites. In addition, independent food testing is conducted to reveal information that can often be hidden from public view. If we’re unable to get an answer we write to suppliers to give you a scientific and unbiased assessment of a foods quality.


Opinion Free

To make things simple, we offer an impartial and opinion-free comparison of pet food products from over 30 of UK’s top selling providers. Start comparing foods today within minutes you’ll have the facts.

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